Pastoral review by the Tattooed Preacher.

I'm not sure where to begin... I grew up with an amazing father who was always present and loving and wasn't sure how reading this may apply to me. I heard about this book over a year ago & while driving down the highway a few weeks ago, it popped into my head again & I felt that I needed to read it. I see why now. Michael Turner addresses the subject of fatherlessness with a resolve that few who have experienced it can testify to. This book has given me insight into the pain and process of healing that is necessary for anyone who has been wounded by the relationship with their father (or lack thereof). I was amazed by the wisdom and healing that God has given him in the midst of a life experience that many never resolve or overcome. I can see clearly now how healing, restoration and even reconciliation is possible (not that I didn't believe it before but I didn't have the insight into the process that I now do because of Michael's transparency). I am a witness to the fact that this book is not just for those who have experienced abandonment, abuse or neglect, but also for anyone who would desire to see life and healing through the eyes of one who has experienced it. For pastors, understanding this perspective is vital with more than half of marriages in our churches ending in divorce and children hanging in the balances.

Fantastic job Michael! If nothing else, the paragraphs of advice to Children, Fathers and Single mom's who have a shared experience with you in the conclusion of the book would have been worth the purchase and entire read of the book! Great all the way through! Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable & sharing your life with us! - Aaron Davis aka TattooPreacher

Worth Reading!

This book is a wonderful inspirational book that every parent needs to read. I love the way the author tells his story and opens your mind to the word of GOD! Even though I consider myself to be a good parent, this book opened my eyes and showed me I need to do more. I highly recommend this book to single parents, fathers, mothers, children coming from broken homes etc.. What more can I say, sit back read the book and have an open mind. Everyone can improve on some areas of their life, and what better way than through the word of GOD!

Worth its weight in gold!

This is not only a great book but an inspiring personal testimony of how the Lord can work in our lives to recreate and restore us no matter what we've done or where we've been. This book addresses the need to bring back fatherhood in a largely fatherless society and I believe it will help fathers understand what God's design and purpose for them is and how what the world has taught them is far away from Gods design.

Must have if you are a child or parent.

In 12 chapters Pastor Mike shares from his personal experiences, God's word and life applications on the importance of having a father, being a father, and understanding God's love towards us as our Heavenly Father. He brings a challenge to single mothers, dads and children and encourages us to take action and stand up for our generation and our next generation's sake. This book has definitely touched my life and has shed some light into God's plan for my life as a father and how to impact my child's life so that she can go farther faster.